The City Dark Film Screening in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Free and open to the public.

Shows: Tuesday, April 10th, 7:30 p.m.

Location: Tea Lounge, 837 Union St., Bet. 6 & 7th Aves.


When filmmaker and amateur astronomer Ian Cheney moves to New York from rural Maine, he pulls a telescope onto his Brooklyn rooftop hoping to survey the night sky. But the glow of orange streetlights in the City That Never Sleeps obscures all but a handful of stars. THE CITY DARK becomes a journey to answer a deceptively simply question: Do we need the night?

In chronicling the disappearance of darkness, The City Dark takes viewers on a quest to understand how light pollution affects people and the planet. The film's six chapters weave together cutting-edge science with personal, meditative sequences reflecting on the human relationship to the sky.


Speaking will be the presidents of the Amateur Astronomy Association of New York, the New York chapter of the International Dark Sky Association, and the event organizer, Steven Stromer, a local amateur astronomer, and President of .

View the stars from Union Street

Telescopes will be arranged along Union Street, courtesy of the Amateur Astronomy Association of NY. Experience the Galilean moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, the erie blue-white surface of Venus, the state-sized craters of the Moon, the red planet, nebulae and other Messier objects for yourself!

Extend an invite

to friends and neighbors, who may want to better understand the effects of around-the-clock light on themselves, their families, their pets, local wildlife and waterways.

Special thanks

goes to Tea Lounge, its management, and staff, for generously providing their space for the purpose of sharing The City Dark with their community.

Courtesy: Wicked Delicate Films.

View the trailer here.

Download a printable poster here (pdf).